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Minimize car accidents and motor vehicle accidents

As Alberta´s population grows, the number of motor vehicle accidents is increasing. Local weather and driving conditions are also contributing factors. Below, we explain what you can do to mitigate those dangers. 

Car Accidents in Alberta

Alberta has a vast and widely varied landscape. While driving across this prairie province, you pass mountains, huge lakes, as well as through desert landscapes and forests. The conditions you will be driving in are going to vary greatly. Sometimes this interesting landscape will distract you.

The weather conditions in the province can be extreme too. At times you will be driving on deserted roads. Other times you will be surrounded by speeding cars, cyclists, and pedestrians. All of which have the potential to present a hazard.

Unsurprisingly, every year around 147,000 drivers are involved in car accidents in Alberta. So, it makes sense to be aware of the hazards, which can help you to avoid having one.

It is also worth knowing what to do in case of an accident. After all, there is still a chance that a poorly prepared driver will hit you. It is worth knowing what to do at the scene and having the details of an experienced car accident lawyer to hand.

Diamond & Diamond are highly experienced Alberta car accident lawyers, if you have an accident please feel free to consult us.

Causes of Motor Vehicle Accidents in Alberta

In Alberta, the landscape, wildlife, inclement weather, and the fact that a lot of tourists use the area´s roads can all combine to make it quite a hazardous place for drivers. Here is a roundup of the main causes of vehicle accidents in Alberta.

Natural causes

Let’s start with the natural ones: 

Road conditions – In general the state of the province´s roads is good. However, in some areas, road conditions can be affected by nature. If you are driving through a forest as the trees are shedding their leaves, the surface can become surprisingly slippery.

Weather conditions – The weather conditions in the province vary widely, especially in the winter. It is wise to learn how to handle icy roads and snowdrifts.

Wildlife – Alberta has an abundance of wildlife, which can present an additional hazard for drivers. In rural areas, 54% of car accidents involve wildlife, including large animals like elk or deer. 

Human factors

Here are some of the human factors that typically lead to accidents in Alberta: 

Distracted driving – Around a third of the accidents that happen here occur because drivers are distracted, often by the beautiful landscape and interesting architecture.

Drivers who are not used to Alberta’s open roads – Alberta attracts around 35 million tourists, every year. They are not used to driving on our open roads, so they are more likely to make a mistake and cause an accident.

Speeding – Even if you don´t speed many other drivers do. Around 25% of the road death accidents in Alberta involve a speeding driver.

Drinking while driving – Sadly, we still have a problem with people drinking or taking drugs then driving. One in five fatal road accidents in the province involves a drunk driver.

Follow these tips for avoiding car accidents in Alberta

Being aware of the above is the first step to avoid being a victim of accidents caused by them. Being involved in one is the last thing you want. You don’t want to be injured, find yourself without a car, and have to hire someone like us to fight for fair compensation.

Here are some tips to help you to avoid car accidents in Alberta:

Driver safety

Pedestrian safety

You also want to avoid being a victim of a traffic accident as a pedestrian. Following these tips will help you to do that.

  • Be mindful while on the street
  • Observe the traffic signs and react accordingly especially when crossing the road
  • Avoid sprinting or stopping abruptly, you want drivers to be able to anticipate what you are going to do so that they can react accordingly

You can get additional information by reading Diamond & Diamond’s expert guide to pedestrian safety.

Know what to do in case of car accidents. Let Diamond & Diamond’s motor accident lawyers give you expert advice.

Talk to a car accident lawyer in Alberta

Of course, it’s always better to avoid an accident than suffer one. Armed with the information you have just read you should find it far easier to do so.

As experienced car accident lawyers in Alberta, we are able to offer advice on how to avoid having a vehicle accident as well as what to do should you be involved in one.

Diamond & Diamonds’ car accident lawyers will help you to file car accident injury claims or guide you about what to expect when there are car accident lawsuits.



What are the usual causes of car accidents in Alberta?

The usual causes of car accidents in Alberta are driver distraction, drink driving, speeding, collisions with wildlife, and poor road conditions. Being aware of these issues and learning how to avoid or cope with them is the surest way for you to avoid becoming a vehicle accident victim. You can find detailed advice about how to do that in this article.

Can talking to a car accident lawyer help in avoiding car accidents?

Talking to a car accident lawyer can help you to avoid car accidents. They will have spoken to hundreds of vehicle accident victims, so have a better understanding of what can go wrong. Armed with that information they have been able to come up with strategies to help their clients to avoid having accidents in the future.

What do I do during a car accident and after?

During a car accident focus on the safety of yourself, your passengers, people in the other vehicles, and other road users. You do not want anyone else to get hurt, so take steps to prevent further collisions. Once everyone who needs it has got medical attention, call the police if necessary. Photograph the scene and damage. Then get the contact details of witnesses and speak to a local car accident lawyer.

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