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Uber accident lawyer

If you have recently been hurt in an Uber accident, it is imperative to get insight from Diamond & Diamond personal injury lawyers. Being hurt in an Uber or Lyft collision presents unique legal issues that should be discussed with an attorney immediately. Your injuries might be severe in the event of an Uber or Lyft accident and these cases are handled differently than a traditional vehicle accident.

What Accident Victims Need to Know About Uber And Lyft Collisions

In the immediate aftermath of an Uber or Lyft accident, your medical needs should be your top priority. Consider getting medical attention even if you are not yet sure of the severity of your injuries. Every municipality is different, but Uber and Lyft are common throughout bigger cities in Canada. One of the issues with this is that many Uber drivers did not have proper insurance until recently.

Now, however, there are insurance policies that are required for drivers. If you are hurt in an accident while in the back of an Uber and the accident was caused by someone other than the Uber driver, you might also have the opportunity to file an insurance claim through a different avenue.

Uber Insurance Policy for Drivers

Uber drivers are now required to carry insurance. There are a few different situations that could apply based on what happened in your Uber accident. If the accident was caused by a third party or if the Uber driver has insurance, this is the source of accident benefit or no-fault coverage. The individual at fault would be the third-party insurance company of the person who caused the accident.

If the Uber driver, however, did not have valid insurance, then the third-party insurance is on the line for both the at fault accident injuries and the accident benefit no fault injuries. If the driver of the Uber is uninsured or under-insured and the occupant does not have access to a valid automobile insurance policy, the individual who has been injured has to apply for a government fund set-up for uninsured accidents. This means that the victim might not be able to reap the full potential benefits or damages.

One of the first things you need to do in the wake of an Uber accident in Canada is get the contact information for the Uber driver. Even if he/she did not cause the accident, you will want to have an Uber accident lawyer who can investigate the cause of the accident and provide you with recommendations on how to proceed.

Uber Insurance Policy for Passengers

Passengers who are injured inside an Uber need to consult with their experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible after the accident. Lyft and Uber both carry third party liability insurance coverage which can pay for some property damage in personal injuries in an accident. This liability policy covers the passenger when the ride sharing driver is responsible for the accident.

It can be hard to determine how and when to file an insurance claim, which is why you need a knowledgeable lawyer who can assist you with determining the liable parties and recommending a course of action based on that.

What Can I Claim in An Uber Injury Accident?

The damages you can claim in an Uber injury accident will depend on the type of insurance pursued. Under no-fault or accident benefits insurance, this policy would have to pay out for the injured party’s treatment modalities and/or income replacement benefits. Tort benefits on the other hand cover future income loss, pain and suffering, future treatment needs, and any other damages that are not covered by additional policies of insurance.

Recovering Damages After an Uber Accident

Speaking to an attorney as soon as possible after the accident has occurred is important because it is vital to record necessary information in the form of notes and evidence. Collecting evidence from the scene of the accident and possibly even reconstructing the scene of the accident are aspects of your personal injury claim that can be assisted by an Uber accident attorney.

Contact the Team of Personal Injury Lawyers at Diamond & Diamond Today

If your future is on the line because an Uber driver wasn’t paying attention or if another driver caused an accident while you were a passenger in the back of the Uber, complicated legal issues will apply to your case. Knowing that you have the opportunity to recover compensation should prompt you to get legal assistance right away. It is imperative that the victim has as much information as possible and get the contact information for all parties involved, in addition to contact for their own insurance and calling the police after the accident. A knowledgeable Uber accident lawyer can help to attempt to maximize the potential monetary recovery and assist with enabling recovery treatment options for the injuries sustained by the victim.      

FAQs Uber Accident Lawyer

Does Uber compensate for accidents?

Yes, Uber compensates for accidents. Many people who got involved in Uber-related accidents shared that they have received compensation from the company. These settlement amounts pay for all their medical care and other short- and long-term damages.

Does Uber call your insurance company?

No, Uber does not contact your insurance company. They will check your province’s insurance database to verify you have car insurance, but they don’t do anything else. If you’re planning to be one of their drivers, choose an insurance company that offers ridesharing insurance.

Do I have to report an accident to Uber?

No, you may opt not to report an accident to Uber. You’re not required to fill out the Uber Accident Form. You can use the Help setting on your Uber app to make the report.

Can I sue on behalf of a friend who died in an Uber accident?

In general, a person cannot sue on behalf of another person unless there is a special relationship that gives them this right. Some common examples where you can sue on behalf of another include: If you are the parent or natural guardian, if you have power of attorney, or if you are the administrator of an estate. In an Uber accident, only certain family members can sue for wrongful death after a loved one is killed.

Can I sue an Uber driver that hit me while I was crossing the street?

Generally, if you were hit while crossing the street, you have the right to sue the driver who hit you. This goes the same if an Uber driver hit you while you are crossing the street. If you have a valid claim, the driver’s insurance company, or Uber’s insurance company, will pay it. They’re responsible for your injuries, any lost wages you may have, and any recurring pain you’re experiencing.

Are lost wages considered as part of the Uber accident compensation claim?

An Uber accident settlement depends on proving the full extent of your injuries. Since serious injuries usually cause other losses, such as lost earnings and increased medical bills, Uber accidents involving serious injuries will generally result in a higher settlement such as lost wages settlement. This is why it is important to get treatment very promptly after your Uber accident, and wait to see how your recovery goes before settling your case.