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ICBC Injury Claims Lawyer

ICBC Injury Claims Lawyer

Before you file a claim for compensation with the ICBC, it’s generally recommended that you first consult an ICBC personal injury claims lawyer. Although you aren’t required to have a lawyer when filing a claim with the ICBC, they can help make sure you receive the full compensation that you’re entitled to. Here’s why you should consider hiring an ICBC injury claims lawyer before filing a claim with the ICBC.

The ICBC Doesn’t Provide You with Representation

Unless you personally hire an ICBC injury claims lawyer, you won’t have legal representation before the Insurance Corporation. Although the corporation will send an adjuster to review your claim, an adjuster isn’t a lawyer who’s working for you.

First, an insurance adjuster doesn’t have the same training, expertise and qualifications as an ICBC personal injury claims lawyer. An adjuster’s role is to determine the extent of damage and verify claims. They don’t provide legal representation or form an argument on your behalf if your claim is undervalued.

Second, an adjuster who’s sent by the ICBC works for the corporation and not for you. Their loyalties and interests lie with the ICBC and not necessarily with you. A personal injury who you hire is bound to work for your interests and only those interests.

Legal Representation is Helpful When Filing an ICBC Claim

While you can go through the ICBC claims process without a lawyer, this generally isn’t the wisest course of action. Figuring out how the process itself works can be extremely time-consuming, and most people aren’t aware of all the laws that could help or potentially harm their case.

An ICBC injury claims lawyer will be able to explain the various steps involved in the process, and they know how to argue your case for the best possible outcome. 

An ICBC Personal Injury Claims in Alberta Lawyer Has Expertise

Moreover, you shouldn’t choose just any personal injury lawyer to represent you before the ICBC. Instead, you should specifically seek out an ICBC personal injury claims lawyer who specializes in this area of law. 

An ICBC personal injury claims lawyer in Alberta will be intimately familiar with the applicable laws and will be able to expertly apply those laws to your particular case. A general personal injury lawyer will be legally able to represent you and might have a general knowledge of injury law, but they won’t have the same command of automotive law’s fine points.

You Can Expect an ICBC Injury Claims Lawyer to Act on Your Behalf

When you hire an ICBC injury claims lawyer to represent you, you can trust them to act on your behalf. In fact, they’re obligated to serve you in the best capacity possible.

There are several specific things a lawyer will do for you. They can help:

  • Give advice on how to properly protect your rights
  • Collect all the relevance relevant to your auto accident
  • Obtain the medical information needed to show the full extent of your injuries
  • Determine what proper and full compensation would be for you
  • Attempt to reach a fair settlement based on your perspective

In many cases, a fair settlement form the claimant’s perspective is higher than what the ICBC is initially willing to offer.

Initial Consultations with ICBC Injury Claims Lawyers Are Usually Free

Sometimes drivers and passengers are hesitant to meet with an ICBC injury claims lawyer because they fear that the meeting will place an obligation on them. Initial consultations, however, almost never come with obligations.

Almost all lawyers who specialize in ICBC injury claims offer initial consultations free of charge. During a brief meeting, a lawyer can review the basics of a claim and explain whether they’re able to offer assistance. You’ll sign a contract with a lawyer if you do decide to use their services, but this first meeting is normally free of charge.

Additionally, any initial consultation is also usually free of obligation. If, for whatever reason, you decide that a particular ICBC injury claims lawyer isn’t the right professional to take on your case, there’s typically no obligation to sign a contract with them. You can leave without committing to anything and there’ll be no ill will. Lawyers realize that these meetings are part of their job.

Payment is Usually on a Contingency Bases

Assuming you do decide to sign a contract with an ICBC personal injury claims lawyer in Alberta, you normally still won’t pay anything out of pocket. 

The contracts that these lawyers use are usually set up on a contingency fee basis, which means the lawyer is only paid if your case is won. The amount their paid is typically a percentage of your settlement, but it’s taken into account when determining what a fair settlement for you would be. That way, you ultimately don’t miss out on anything you’re due.

Contact an ICBC Injury Claims Lawyer

If you need to file a claim with the ICBC, contact an ICBC personal injury lawyer in Alberta. Set up a consultation with them to review your case and determine the best way to proceed.