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Diamond and Diamond Widens Brand Awareness Lead Over Competition

Personal injury powerhouse, led by Jeremy Diamond, gains eleven percentage points in most recent survey

Leger, the Research Intelligence Group, polled 500 Greater Toronto Area residents to determine brand awareness of personal injury firms. The results showed that, in the space of a year, Diamond and Diamond increased aided awareness of the firm by 11 percentage points. The increase was compared to a survey using the same questioning, released in 2016.

According to the poll, four in five (79%) GTA residents have a degree of awareness of the firm. The second most recognized firm was listed at 44%, thirty-five percentage points behind Diamond and Diamond.

“Our firm has cemented itself as a leader in the personal injury space through tough advocacy and customer service excellence” says lawyer, Jeremy Diamond. 

Top Income Earners, those earning $100,000 or more had the highest awareness of the firm at 86%.

In a second survey, individuals were asked to name a personal injury firm without a list of names. Diamond and Diamond Lawyers gained six-points (compared to 2016) in being top-of-mind among GTA residents and scored 27%. The next most competitive firms registered at 3 and 2% respectively.


What Is Brand Awareness and Why Is It Important?

Brand Awareness refers to the positive-bias that most consumers have towards particular brands. For instance, you likely prefer to buy certain products/services from a particular company despite similar offers from other manufacturers/providers. This customer brand preference makes brand awareness so important to small, medium, and large business enterprises because it has a notable impact on sales revenue. Consequently, large multinational businesses spend millions of dollars every year on brand awareness campaigns, usually targeted advertising meant to influence customer preference on a macro scale.

What Is Brand Awareness Strategy?

Brand awareness strategy refers to the advertising approach used by business enterprises to promote their brand. While implementing a brand awareness strategy, you incorporate more than one method of advertising, whereby each method focuses on a different stage of the consumer purchase journey. Some conventional brand awareness strategies include: – ● Targeted email marketing via Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc ● Social media marketing via Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, Blogs etc ● Search query marketing via Google Ads, MSN Ads, etc ● Signage via billboards, store-front branding, and many others

What Are the Benefits of Brand Awareness?

Investing in brand awareness benefits your business in multiple ways. The more notable of these advantages include: – ● Increased sales revenue from the sale of products/services, i.e., consumers are willing to spend money on your range of products/services. ● Increased customer loyalty to your particular brand of products and services, i.e., consumers are less willing to try out competing products/services. ● Easier introduction of new products/services into an existing market, i.e., you have an easier time convincing customers to purchase your product/services.

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