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Soft Tissue Injury Lawyers

Soft Tissue Injury Lawyers

As most soft tissue injury lawyers in Alberta can tell you, soft tissue injuries can be some of the most difficult to prove in a car accident claim case in Alberta. If you find yourself suffering the serious consequences of a soft tissue injury, an Alberta soft tissue injury lawyer will be there to guide you through this process and ensure that you have the best possible chance of fighting for the compensation you deserve.

If another party’s negligence caused your injuries in the form of soft tissue damage, schedule a consultation with an Alberta personal injury lawyer today to learn more about your rights.

Don’t feel like you have no hope of going forward with damage recovery; share your concerns with a trusted Alberta soft tissue injury lawyer so that you can decide the next best steps based on your individual situation. Our lawyers have been guiding clients through this legal process for years and know how to help gather the most important information for soft tissue injury claims.

Soft Tissue Injury Lawyer in Alberta

Although soft tissue injuries might not be as serious as other major injuries, such as broken bones or lacerations, these should not be taken lightly. They can have a significant impact on your ability to live your day to day life or enjoy activities that were commonplace prior to the accident. If you experienced a soft tissue injury in Alberta, make sure that you consult with a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer to know your rights and properly file a personal injury claim to get compensation for your injury.

Understanding Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries are minor injuries that involve damage to ligaments, tendons, muscles and tissue. These can occur in a variety of different places throughout your body and are very common following vehicle accidents due to the substantial force that your body can be affected by in a vehicle accident. In many cases soft tissue injuries are not immediately diagnosed but can linger for many weeks or months following the accident. Insurance companies are less likely to believe the extent of your soft tissue injuries when compared with other more noticeable injuries. To be sure that you do not have a soft tissue injury, you should schedule a visit with your doctor or go to the emergency room immediately after an accident. Most soft tissue injuries are not visible to the naked eye. While many minor soft tissue injuries do not cause long term issues with recreation, daily routines or employment, some more substantial soft tissue injuries in conjunction with other damage done during the accident could lead to damage awards.

Alberta Minor Injury Cap

The province of Alberta recently announced a cap for soft tissue injury compensation claims which means there is a maximum amount of money you can recover as a soft tissue injury victim. In 2020 that cap amount is $5,296.

Instances Where Soft Tissue Injuries are Not Capped

If you have experienced a significant inability to work, engage in leisurely activities, or perform your daily routines as you did prior to the accident, your soft tissue injuries might not be caped under Alberta law. If your soft tissue injury in Alberta has not healed within 3-6 months after the accident, and your physicians have put in your medical records that your injury is not expected to improve substantially, share this information with your personal injury lawyer.

Benefits of Getting a Soft Tissue Injury Lawyer

You might assume that because your injuries are minor, you can handle your personal injury claim on your own. An Alberta soft tissue injury lawyer plays an important role in your case from the moment he or she is hired.

These roles include protecting your rights and informing you about your rights, handling the complicated legal process of filing claims for soft tissue injuries, determining if you have more robust or complicated injuries, fighting for the compensation you could be entitled to and addressing issues related to lost wages and medical expenses.

Don’t underestimate soft tissue injuries. Always consult with a personal injury lawyer to be sure.

Consult with an Alberta Soft Tissue Injury Lawyer from Diamond & Diamond Today

Diamond & Diamond is respected throughout Alberta and Canada because of their proven track record and 30 years of experience in personal injury cases. Our attorneys are highly familiar with Alberta law and understand the Alberta courts and processes. We also have existing relationships and connections with medical experts who can help to show how your soft tissue injuries have changed your life. Because we work on a contingency fee basis, you do not pay us directly unless we win the case.

Contact Diamond & Diamond Lawyers to Discuss Your Soft Tissue Injury

You can visit our Alberta offices, call our 1-800 number and get a consultation free of charge once you have suffered a soft tissue injury. We are reachable 24/7. Don’t wait to find out if you can get help- contact our Alberta soft tissue injury law office today.


Serious injuries can disguise as soft tissue injuries. Talk to a soft tissue injury lawyer in order to determine for sure which is which.

FAQ’s on Soft Tissue Injury Lawyer in Alberta

Are whiplash injuries considered soft tissue injuries?

Most whiplash injuries will fall under the umbrella category of a soft tissue injury. These can still be painful and disrupt your quality of life.

What do I do if my soft tissue injury worsens after 6 months?

Continue documenting your pain and treatments with your medical professionals and since it is likely that an injury claim will be going on after 6 months, share this information with your lawyer.

My soft tissue injury healed months ago but now I’m feeling pain again. What should I do?

Go back to your physician to get a full diagnosis of whether this could be related to your initial soft tissue injury. Schedule a consultation with a trusted Alberta personal injury lawyer to discuss your case and how best to proceed to protect your right to compensation.

How does adrenaline play a role in soft tissue injuries?

During traumatic occurrences, adrenaline floods the body. The good news is that you won’t be in that much pain. The bad news? You may not discover all the injuries that you have until after the adrenaline wears off.

Do soft tissue injuries have long-term effects?

The answer to this question is mainly dependent on where you are injured and how badly. Soft tissue injuries can be as uncomplicated as a bruise that’s biggerer than you’d like (so basically any bruise) and have no long-lasting effects. However, they can also be severe. If the injury is bad enough, it can lead to chronic numbness, limited mobility, and a lack of muscle capacity.

What are the challenges of proving a soft tissue injury?

The difficulty with proving soft tissue injuries is that they often don’t have visible symptoms. Sprains, strains, and contusions can all be present without even a sign. Therefore, proof of their existence rests on doctors and medical imagery. If the testimony of the doctor gets called into question, you could face a problem. On the other hand, medical imagery can be quite expensive.

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