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Using Dash Cams To Save Against Insurance Scams and Fraud

The applications of technology today are truly incredible. When practically everyone has access to a camera, the burden of proof has become much easier to bear. If you’re looking for ways to use technology to your advantage, consider how a dash cam can protect you from a variety of insurance scams and frauds. This relatively inexpensive investment records what happens on the road, so you can show the reality of any accidents that may occur. Find out more about how scams work, what a dash cam does, and how a lawyer will use the footage.

Types of staged accidents used by scammers

car accident fraud

One of the most common scam accidents is when a driver will swerve directly in front of you (as close as possible without colliding) and then immediately pound on the brakes. The whole point is to get you to slam into them, so they can blame the accident on you. Or a driver may severely damage their own car after a relatively minor accident occurs.

How Can Dash Cams Help Protect from Fraudulent Wrecks?

benefits of a dashcam

A dash cam shows exactly what happened. From a fender-bender all the way up to wrongful death cases, everyone from insurance officials to a judge can see what happened for themselves. So let’s say a person gives you a wave while you’re merging into traffic and then hits you afterward. The other driver denies that they ever waved you into traffic and instead claimed right-of-way. A dash cam will show that the wave occurred, so it’s not your word against theirs.

Legal Use: Are Dash Cams Legal?

are dash cams legal in canada

Yes, though you may need to research the rules in your area to learn more about potential restrictions. For example, some areas may limit the size of the dash cam to ensure visibility, depending on its position

Caught up in a fraudulent insurance claim but have the car accident on your dash cam? Let us help you prove your innocence.

Setting aside faked crash incidents by using a dash cam: Hire us to prove it better!

There are so many dash cam uses today, but it sometimes takes an expert eye to frame the footage in the best possible light. A lawyer can sift through the evidence so you have every means to prove your case. How long does wrongful death case take? The answer depends on the proof you have in hand.

“Protected from fraudulent insurance claim by using a dash cam? Think Again!”


Is dash cam footage admissible in court?

Yes. The right attorney can show you how to use dash cam footage so you have the best possible chance of being vindicated.

To what extent can I use dash cams save against fraudulent insurance claims?

Dash cams are incredibly useful, but they may not show everything that occurred, depending on the accident. Let a lawyer help you determine what to show and how to show it, so you can protect yourself.

How Much Can You Save on Insurance With a Dash Cam?

Although the initial investment cost of a dashcam is higher, it could save you thousands of dollars in court costs and insurance rates. Keeping your no claims discount and a stable premium are great reasons to record while driving. A dashcam can save you a fortune that would have been lost due to insurance scams and fraud.

Does Having a Dash Cam Affect Insurance?

No, having a dashcam doesn’t affect insurance.No insurance companies offer a discount if you have a dashcam. A dashcam doesn’t affect your premium, but it can indirectly affect your premium, which helps keep your car insurance rates down. It can help you indirectly by showing your insurer the events that led to the accident with the footage’s help.

Does Fitting a Dash Cam Invalidate Warranty?

Yes, fitting a dashcam can invalidate the warranty, especially if the fault rose can be traced back to the dashcam’s fitment. To avoid this, you can ask the dealer to install it for you to maintain the warranty.

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