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Sexual Assault Lawyers

According to data provided by the Canadian police, there are more than 23,000 founded cases of sexual assault in the country every year. These brutal attacks are some of the most horrendous and personal, and they can come along with certain damages the victim has to face long after the attack is over. By working with a sexual assault lawyer, victims may be able to get compensated to cover the damages they sustain during these attacks.

Physical Injuries

Without question, the most common damage after a sexual assault is physical injuries. A victim may suffer injuries due to being restrained during the incident or because they were trying to fight off an attack. Even if the assailant was criminally charged in the case, the victim can still have medical bills to contend with that should never be their responsibility to pay. A sexual assault lawyer can guide you through filing a claim against the attacker for compensation.

Psychological Trauma

Anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)—all of these can come along with being the victim of a sexual assault. Talking to a Toronto sexual assault lawyer openly about the psychological problems face after an incident will help them understand just how severely you have been damaged and why you are seeking compensation through a civil claim.

Sexually-Transmitted Disease or Pregnancy

Sexual Assault Toronto

In the most heart wrenching sexual assault cases, something like a sexually transmitted disease or unwanted pregnancy may be one of the damages. These damages can have negative impacts on a victim’s life for many years to come.

Talk to a Toronto Sexual Assault Lawyer for Help

An attacker should never be allowed to forgo paying for the damages they caused during a sexual assault. Reach out to a sexual assault lawyer in Toronto like Diamond & Diamond for professional guidance.