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Slip and Fall Injuries Alberta

Slip and Fall Lawyers in Alberta

Have you been hurt because of a preventable slip and fall accident in Alberta? Slip and fall injuries are increasingly common and are one of the most popular types of injuries sustained across Canada today. Slip and fall lawyers can tell you that slip and fall injuries in Alberta are often the cause of negligence or improper premises management.

Finding a Dedicated Alberta Slip and Fall Lawyer

When you can show that a property owner or manager should have known about an issue and failed to correct it in time to prevent an injury or knew about an issue and failed to remove it or warn you about it, you may be eligible to pursue compensation under the law.

A slip and fall lawyer needs to be retained immediately to conduct an investigation of your individual accident and to provide you with further guidance about how to proceed with a slip and fall injury claim. Anyone who has been hurt in Alberta can benefit from the insight provided by a slip and fall injury lawyer.

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Support for Injury Claims After a Preventable Accident


A lawyer for slip and fall cases will walk you through each phase of your case and tell you more about what to expect. Slip and fall accident lawyers are vital for the illustration of a proper case and the recovery of maximum compensation.

If the medical bills are growing higher and higher and you are concerned that you may not be able to go back to work because of a serious problem such as a spinal cord injury or a TBI, you need an attorney experienced in slip and fall cases.

A personal injury lawyer for slip and fall will evaluate all of the evidence in your individual case and verify your eligibility to move forward with a legal claim. From that point forward, he or she will figure out who is liable for your injuries, such as a property owner or a manager who failed to correct a dangerous condition on the property.

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The Right Help for Full Compensation

Lawyers for slip and fall accidents are often involved in the recovery of compensation via settlements or lawsuits. In all of these situations, you need the support of an attorney to advise you further about your rights and to empower you with the necessary information to recover full and fair compensation.

Slip and fall injury settlements can include compensation for a number of different types of medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and more. Since every case is unique, you need to schedule a consultation directly with a slip and fall injury lawyer who can advise you about what your individual case is likely to experience in court. The sooner you can gather this evidence and present your materials directly to a slip and fall injury lawyer, the better your chances are of recovering compensation.


Slip and fall accidents can lead to serious injuries. Consult with an Alberta slip and fall injury lawyer from Diamond & Diamond Law if you want to file a claim for compensation.

If an existing hazard on the property should have been removed or if there was a hidden hazard that caused you to trip and fall, you may suffer broken bones, fractures, internal organ damage, TBIs, spinal cord paralysis or more.

Many people might assume that a slip and fall incident is simply an embarrassing accident, however, because of the danger to hit your head, neck or back on nearby obstacles or on the floor itself, the propensity for catastrophic accidents is quite high. You need support from an injury lawyer managing slip and fall cases to help you fight back and recover the compensation that you need.

If you got hurt due to a slip and fall accident in Alberta, consult with an experienced slip and fall lawyer today.

Speak to a slip and fall lawyer now

Immediate Help to Get Recovery

Waiting too long to get help could mean that you lose access to the important compensation provided in a slip and fall settlement or a slip and fall litigated case. Slip and fall accidents are often preventable and when you can show that someone else’s negligence was at fault for the injuries that you sustained, this may be critical for you to develop a long-term game plan for recovering compensation.

You should never have to find yourself in this situation of pursuing compensation on your own and a slip and fall injury lawyer is a strong and powerful advocate for you in the justice system.

Has someone’s negligence caused your slip and fall accident? Click here to learn more on how to recover full and fair compensation.

When you have questions about your case, you slip and fall accident lawyers will be able to advise you about what to expect and help you avoid mistakes so that you can ideally walk away focused primarily on recovery with the compensation you so desperately need to piece your life back together. Don’t find yourself in this situation on your own without the support of knowledgeable lawyers dedicated to slip and fall cases across Alberta.      


Yes. If you fell outside and injured yourself, you can print out a piece of historical weather information for the night before/day of the slip and fall. You can use this as evidence of what the weather was like that day.

Yes. You can take pictures of a property where your slip and fall accident occurred. The pictures you took can be used as evidence that the property owner did not maintain his/her property, which resulted in your accident.

Black ice also referred to as clear ice, is a very thin coating of glaze ice on a surface, usually roads. The ice itself is not black. However, it is visually transparent, allowing the often black road below to be seen through it.

Personal injury lawyers can provide legal advice on how to proceed with slip and fall claims. They can also collect the information necessary to build a strong case. Personal injury lawyers can also handle the paperwork needed during the claims process and even conduct further research.

In your slip and fall incident report, you should include details about the accident, the extent of your injuries, the reasons why the other party is negligent, your income losses, medical expenses, types of treatments, and the amount of compensation you are asking.

Immediately after your slip and fall accident, your priority is to seek medical treatment. The next thing you need to do is to report your accident to the property owner. If they make an incident report, request a copy. If needed, notify the government of your accident, especially if you fell on public property. In Alberta, you are required to notify the government within 21 days of your fall. Document everything, including facts about the accident, potential witnesses, evidence from surveillance cameras, and medical records. Consult with a personal injury lawyer to explore your legal options.

In the unfortunate event that you slip and fall, you should report it to your landlord or the homeowner. If you fall in a store or public place, you should report that to a manager or so they can document the accident.

Slip and fall settlements can be awarded in as little as a few months. Some slip and fall cases may go to trial, which can take much longer.

We have a proven track record of helping our clients get the maximum settlement amount. We also keep in constant contact with our clients, helping them through the process of their slip and fall cases from start to finish. We know that slip and fall cases can be difficult to understand, so we try to explain the entire process as simple as possible.

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  • Wear appropriate footwear, especially during winter
  • Avoid carrying loads that block your view of where your feet is going
  • Step off carefully, instead of jumping off, from cars and equipment
  • Don’t text and walk

  • Seek medical attention for your injury
  • Take pictures of the location and note the conditions that led to the accident
  • Identify witnesses of the accident
  • Report the accident to the property owner

  • Slip and fall accidents are more common during winter in Alberta
  • Those working in the agricultural sector in Alberta are more prone to slip and fall accidents
  • Adults over 65 are more vulnerable to slip and fall injuries than people younger